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Jen Strickland

self-released by Genuine Articles


I’ve been dreadful about making my stuff available for purchase. But, it’s a reality, so here goes…

Manaia Faith cd cover artManaia - Faith
Read Reviews “… one of the more evocative solo artists stepping across the modern garage-psych landscape… like Wooden Wand or Hush Arbors, but while Strickland’s sound reflects the greats that have come before her, the voice of her music is entirely her own, and that originality speaks volumes about who she is as a songwriter and an artist. This seems like an early chapter in Strickland’s story, but a promising one that hints at an amazing potential.”
Manaia 3x3-inch cdr set cover art Manaia - 3x3" cdr set
a concept album, each disc has a theme : exile, anger & faith, and each disc features a different recording situation. overall the sound comes off something like early pj harvey or sandra bell — emotionally taut female vocals accompanied by often chugging / crunchy electric guitars, as well as occasional drums, synth, clarinet, slide guitar & electronics. a power dose of soul — amazing hand assembled packaging, each set is housed in a lovely handmade iridescent paper box with metallic embossing, art paper insert, vellum inner sleeves, and stenciled discs. numbered edition of 50 copies.
Only at Time-Lag Records.
Two Cubed Six Squared cdr cover Two Cubed Six Squared

Read Reviews “… This mathematically named band is primarily a duo, although they get some help on slide guitar on one song. Focused around Jen Strickland’s angry growl of a voice and her wailing, scratchy guitar sound, these four songs are hard and slightly punky yet still more of a straightforward guitar-rock sound… ”
Sound/Vision Prints Sound | Vision
Color Prints from the Photo Show at the New Alliance Gallery from 2002
Artists included:
  • Arab on Radar
  • Babes in Toyland
  • Comets on Fire
  • The Dirty Three
  • Invisible
  • L7
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Mr. Airplane Man
  • Sunburned Hand of the Man